PROMISE Fab-Out Announcement

PROMISE Fab-Out Announcement

The consortium announces Fab-Out of the PROMISE Pilot Circuit. The initiative has taken almost 3 years of design effort and 5 months of manufacturing. The collaboration effort was performed by 7 European partners and consisting of the development of 9 new IP blocks and their integration into the PROMISE Pilot Circuit. The Fab-Out milestone marks the first tangible output from the project in the form of 6 silicon wafers.

The Tape-Out process was handled by imec and Tape-Out was achieved on 06/02/23 to XFab. Silicon processing progress was tracked over a 5-months period. Finally, Fab-Out day arrived and delivery of 6 wafers to SERMA was achieved on 30/06/23, exactly in-line with the program plan.

Meanwhile, the partners have been busy advising passive definitions for the package substrate. The signals and power lines were defined for each IP Block. Additionally, the ATE Specification has been compiled using IP Partner inputs. This was compiled and released by TAS-F on 13/07/23. Currently, ATE test boards & programs are in preparation by SERMA and validation test bench & programs by TAS-S.

So far so good! The next stage is blind assembly prototypes, wafer probing and online ATE testing, circuit validation,  followed by qualification.

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